Meet Lisa Kahn

Lisa Kahn

Lisa Kahn is an interior designer and visionary who is changing the way we look at the spaces we inhabit. By approaching design with the philosophy of sanctuary as her guiding principle, Lisa has brought a deeper sense of intention and balance to her collection with Chelsea House. The sanctuary-centered approach to design has led her to specific imagery and motifs which are repeated throughout the collection–motifs including the Earth, the sea, winged creatures, sacred geometry, as well as the sun, moon and stars. In her collection with Chelsea House, Lisa Kahn is bringing the beauty, peace, and harmony of the natural world to everyday life. With love and care, she creates products that elevate our living spaces and our daily rituals, promoting contemplation and connectedness. The Sanctuary Collection by Lisa Kahn transforms ordinary spaces into sanctuaries, because peace around us inspires peace within us.

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