Our primary design team consists of four immensely talented designers. Each has their own individual aesthetic, but all create sophisticated, vibrant and aspiring designs!



Bill can barely remember a time in his life without Chelsea House. The company was founded by his family and Bill has been a part of the company for most of his working career. His extensive knowledge of design has been bolstered by unusual access to the archives of museums, castles, historical properties and societies both in the United States and Europe. While grounded in classic design, art and antiquities, Bill has a unique talent of taking these traditional designs and making them relevant for today’s market.


Chelsea House is now a member of the Wildwood family of brands but Bill remains heavily involved in the design and direction of the company. He also continues his family’s emphasis on hospitality and excellence.



Bradshaw is an important part of the inspiring aesthetic of Chelsea House. In addition to his own designs, he ensures that the quality and design standards are met on all of our products and oversees the design of our High Point showroom.


Bradshaw is the president of Bradshaw Orrell Interiors, an interior design firm based in Greensboro, North Carolina. In addition to his extraordinary residential designs, he was lead designer for the Proximity Hotel, which was the first Platinum Green Hotel in the country and has won numerous national awards. Bradshaw's residential projects are traditional with a crisp, clean, sophisticated edge. He brings the same aesthetic to his product designs for Chelsea House. While founded in classic design, his products have a modern vibe while using such timeless design elements such as Greek key, malachite, and bamboo motifs.



Claire’s designs for Chelsea House have a profound sense of grace and glamour. Her furniture, chandeliers, lamps and decorative accessories have an architectural foundation with lovely refinements. She enjoys drawing on chinoiserie and lattice work in particular as inspiration for her pieces.


Claire is the owner of Claire Bell Home based in Atlanta, GA. Her diverse background, including teaching French at UCLA and working as a floral designer, has contributed to unique and sought-after designs.



Jamie brings the history, gentility and aura of America’s Tidewater region to his Chelsea House designs. His versatile Tidewater Collection translates traditional design motifs into a modern vernacular that is equally at ease in a big city condo as it is in beachfront cottage.


Jamie is owner of Bountiful Interiors and Bountiful Flooring in Easton, Maryland.  His long experience owning a retail store and designing residential interiors throughout the country gives him a unique perspective on the kinds of home furnishings people actually want in their homes.


Jamie brings every aspect of his background and interest to the Tidewater Collection. His parents, both accomplished artists, ran a thriving fine art gallery and antiques business, and he grew up surrounded by beautiful things. A trained concert pianist, he brings his sensitivity and appreciation of all of the arts to his designs.

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